FAQ Fruit n veg

What do I get for $55?

The fruit and veges in your box will change each week depending on seasonality and value. There will regularly be staples such as potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, a yellow / orange vegetable, a number of green vegetables, salad vegetables, a herb, and a variety of seasonal fruit, including lunch box size fruit.

Our aim is to provide you and your family with a balanced diet for the week ahead.


The team at Molly Coddle Cafe takes pride in sourcing the best quality fruit and veges at Flemington market. At the markets we taste, smell and feel everything that goes into your fruit and vege box. The quality and freshness is further maintained by getting it to you on the same day.

Likes and dislikes

During our initial phone call, please let us know what your family particularly dislikes and likes and we will tailor the box to suit your taste. 


On Tuesday you will receive a text asking you if you would like fruit and veges this Wednesday. Please reply by text (0410687987) or call Molly Coddle Café (02) 9560 5450 or email molly@mollycoddlecafe.com

Last orders are 2am Wednesday Morning

Alternatively you can place a standard order for each week and let us know if things change.

Sometimes technology goes wrong! If you have not received your text to order by 3pm on Tuesday please contact us.

Pick up and delivery 

Molly Coddle Cafe closes at 3:30pm on Wednesday but we are here for box pick-up until 4pm. We open again at 7am on Thursday morning.  We can also deliver to your home, Click Here.

I do not want to order this week. Should I still reply to the text?

There is no need to sign up for weekly deliveries. However if you do not want a fruit and vege box please still reply to the text with NO.

Too much fruit and vege?

Molly Coddle Cafe’s fruit and vege boxes can be ordered whenever you need it. As the produce is bought from the market on Wednesday morning, it will retain it’s freshness for longer than store bought fruit and vege. If you need tips on how best to store different items, please contact us.

Other cafe items are also available 

Items available at Molly Coddle Cafe, such as milk, free range eggs, juice, yoghurt, and delicious home-made meals, can also be added to your order. A product list is available via email.

Can I increase the amount of fruit in my box?

Yes. If you find the fruit is not enough you can top up your box with either more fruit or more veges, from $10.

‘Special Event’ fruit and vege

We are happy to pick up extra fruit and vege for your function. Give us a call and let us know what you require.

Office fruit basket

Molly Coddle Cafe can provide your office staff with healthy fruit as a snack alternative, and lunch time salad vegetables. Please call us to discuss.Payment

Payment can be arranged in a number of ways. Just give us a call.